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Rathaus Bern (Town hall)

Rathaus Front

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The Rathaus is the political centre of the Canton and City of Bern.

It is where the parliament and the government of the Canton of Bern meet. The parliament of the City of Bern also holds its meetings in the Rathaus.

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Come on in! 

What is it like inside the Rathaus? Where does the Cantonal Parliament meet and what is there to see in the basement? Come on a virtual tour through Bern‘s Rathaus and rediscover this magnificent building.

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Rathaus Festival – Bern 1417

Craftspeople, jugglers, musicians, dance, theatre and much more: on 9 and 10 September 2017, approximately 25 000 people came to visit the Rathaus and the alleyways of the lower Old Town and journey back to the year 1417.

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