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The Bern Rathaus: The ever-changing world of politics

To mark the 600-year jubilee, StattLand will take you on a tour of the Rathaus and its surroundings, through Bern’s eventful history. The focus is on the world of politics and how it has changed over the centuries - and why it will remain a theme of great topical interest in the future.

A special feature of the StattLand tour are dramatic re-enactments of the past, which enhance the spectacle and give a clearer insight into the events and developments over the years. 

  • The tour takes 75 minutes and begins and ends at the Rathaus
  • The tour is held in German.

Next public tours

Date Time
Sunday, 1 April 2018 14.00
Saturday, 21 April 2018 14.00
Wednesday, 16 Mai 2018 18.00
Sunday, 27 Mai 2018 14.00
Sunday, 2 September 2018 14.00
Sunday, 16. September 2018 14.00
Wednesday, 24. October 2018 18.00

Public tours do not have to be booked in advance. For prices and further information, contact StattLand.

For groups and school classes

Special individual tours can also be booked for groups. For further information and to make a booking, contact StattLand.

StattLand offers a special version of the tour for school classes. In jubilee year, school classes can book the tour for half-price. Information for school classes

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The Rathaus in Bern – Behind the scenes at the seat of parliament and government

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